Rite Path Home holds the vision that people want to live life from the perspective of a powerful, personal, and precious journey. Sometimes however, in our fast-paced, plugged-in-yet-checked-out society, it is easy to overlook opportunities to touch upon the wisdom that tells you who you really are and connect you with the parts of yourself that may have gotten lost along the way.

The rites of passage we encounter in life give us many occasions to reflect on a wide range of questions about what our lives have meant so far, who we have become, and where we are headed? Rite Path Home gives you the tools, guidance and support to greet these milestones in a way that clarifies and illuminates what is most important to you.

To this end, Rite Path Home offers its signature Milestone Coaching and creates unique workshops, ceremonies, and customized activities to support individuals, couples, families, friends and groups in making meaning of the important moments and milestones that symbolize and celebrate their lives.

Personal Milestone
Coaching - Counseling - Ceremony
For Every Stage of Life


Strengthening Relationships

Birth, Baby, and Parenthood

Life Transitions and Loss